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Welcome to Mr. Waller's Science Class

Einstein"There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle."
   - Albert Einstein

Waller World Science

Greetings Parents and Students,

Welcome Back Parents to a new and challenging school year.  As we begin school this unique learning environment I am optimistic and excited that it will be a great year for your child's science experience.  That being said I will be missing the hands on approach to teaching my kids.  I cannot lie, that will be tough.  As we proceed through this year I am going to continue to learn how to give kids interesting experiences in science at home. 

I will be using Google Classroom this year for all communication, assigning of work and for grading.  I will also be using Zoom as my primary video learning environment.  I may use a system called See Saw if your child's teacher prefers to do so.  Either way, we will make it work.

I am a Azevada teacher and parent so my 6th grade son will be having similar experiences as your wonderful children.  I know that he will keep me up to date with what daddy is doing well and what I need to improve upon.  I love feedback and especially anything involving technology.

If everyone can look below, you can download an instruction sheet on how to sign up for my Science Google Classroom.  The links are listed by teacher and the code that is needed is unique to each teacher.  Please make sure you download the correct one.  Some teachers will be doing sign ups for Google Classroom on the first day of school, so if you can wait until then, that could save some confusion.

I only have one last thing.  Let's try and have a great year.  There will be ups and downs and "Zoom Fatigue" on occasion but I know that we can find ways to make things better.   I wish everyone a great year.  Stay Happy and Healthy

Jeffrey Waller
District Email:
(510) 657-3900 extension 21025