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How to use Google Classrooms

There are a lot more How To USE Google Classroom Videos that I have made and put inside of each Google Classroom.

1-6th grade work is ON google classrooms and Zoom


Assigned student work is in your science google classroom.

To get to your science google classroom:

  1.  Make sure your browser is logged into your account (check the round picture in the top right corner of chrome)
  2. log into Clever, or Google Classrooms.

You MUST be logged into your account.

Problems? Click the "How to Join Google Classrooms" link at the upper left of this page

Is the work assigned in Google Classrooms required?  Yes

Does my child need to show up to the Science Zoom Classes? Yes, at the listed times, with their camera on and starting with their microphone off.

What is the address / meeting id / passcode etc for the Zoom Class? Find that info in your childs Science Goolge Classroom. For security reasons I can not post that information on the internet.

How will my child's work be graded? Assignments will be graded in accordance with the disctrict grading policy. At the moment it looks like this will be the same grading system we used for Fall and Winter of last school year.

Kindergarten -  Kindergarten students don't normally see the science prep teachers. However; there is some material specifically for Kinder as well as many other activities here than can be adapted for Kinder at the "Science Resources" page (top left)