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How to Join Google Classrooms

how to get into google classrooms:

Be sure your browser is logged into your account (check the round picture in the top right corner of chrome) then log into Clever, or Google Classrooms. All of your Google Classrooms should be listed.

Problems? Double check that you are logged into your account.

Try the videos at the far bottom of this web page, or e-mail your science teacher or classroom teacher, we can add you, or give you a code so you can join.


help with LOGING IN - clever - google classrooms

Parent Technology User Guide - English 

Parent Technology User Guide - Spanish

Parent Technology User Guide - Mandarin

Parent How-To Guide for Clever

Parent Guide: How-To Use Google Classroom  

Parent How-To Quick Video Guide for Benchmark Universe & Google Classroom

If you don't see the Science Google Classroom when you log into Google Classrooms or Clever:

  1. Go to and click Sign In. Sign in with your school Google Account. For example, (If you don't know this, please e-mail your classroom teacher)
  2. At the top, click Add or "+". Join class.
  3. Enter the class code for your grade

please contact if you need a class code - at this time all students have been added to my google classrooms; however if you have transfered into Azevada after the start of the school year please e-mail me and your classroom teacher so we can be sure to add you (make sure you give me your full name, grade, and the name of your classroom teacher).