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Lee Zard (and fish) safe at MY home
Lee Zard and the fish are safe at my house

Robin Johnson - Science Specialist

Welcome to Ms. Johnson's science class! 2020 - 2021 school year general information:

Please use your best judgement as parents to make reasonable decisions for your child.

I'm sure you have realized by now that the online learning experience is different than being in school. We will all have to do our best. Ideally, you should help your child with science, but don't feel guilty if you can't.

I believe we all share the goal of happy, healthy, and well rounded children.

At the top left of this page are links to some helpful information.

If you need to contact me, please e-mail me at

Helpful Web Sites

FUSD Suggested Activities for Families - Activities, Web Sites, and links to useful things like free internet.

Some words of wisdom and suggestions on how to cope with distance learning. from Denise Pope, Ph.D., Senior Lecturer at the Stanford University Graduate School of Education

General FAQ (frequently asked questions)


  • If school is online only: All student science work will be in zoom and your science google classroom.
  • If school is in "back to normal" and all in a traditional classroom: I may post some work in the science google classrooms for absent students.
  • If school is a "hybrid" part time in school and part time on-line, then some material will be in the science google classrooms, and some will be done in class.

I can't get into / find my science google classroom anymore: Be sure your browser is logged into your account (check the round picture in the top right corner of chrome) then log into Clever, or Google Classrooms. You MUST be logged into your account. 

Google Classrooms won't let me write on the paper the teacher gave me: First check and make sure it is a paper that you are supposed to write on.  Sometimes I will provide you with copies of materials for your own use at home.

When / Where is the Zoom meeting: for my science class? You can find this in your Science Google Classroom at the top of the "classwork" tab.

Other Problems? Try the videos and other instructions that are linked in the top left of this page, or e-mail your science teacher or classroom teacher.

Is the work assigned in Google Classrooms required?  yes

How will my child's work be graded? TBD by district - currently we are doing the same grading as Fall 2019.

Kindergarten -  Kindergarten students don't normally see the science prep teachers. However; there is some material specifically for Kinder as well as many other activities here than can be adapted for Kinder.

How can I check my childs grade or missing work? Have your child log into their google classroom for science. On the "classwork" tab, click the "view my work" button near the top right. You can see better directions on the "stream" tab of the science google classroom.