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Mrs. Dentoni's Home Page

Phone number:510-657-3900 ex. 21026

Second Grade in Room 26

Thank you for coming to my site.  I am so excited to be teaching here at Azevada Elementary School! Since the onset of my teaching career in 2005, I have spent the majority of my time in the second grade classroom. I am looking forward to a successful year with your little ones. I am hopeful that YOU will share in the joy, and adventure of learning, and that you will be an integral part of your child's academic career. Here's to our children, and the endless possibilities that lie ahead for them! 

Overall Class Information, Rules & Expectations

Back To School Night Packet
This document will provide you with a comprehensive overview of how I run my classroom. This will inform you of all the subject matter we will be covering in second grade, along with my expectations academically and behaviorally for your child. My personal goal as your child/s teacher is to prepare them, and have them realize their greatest potential, and most importantly, to set them on a track for a higher education, preparing them to be college bound. Together, we can make this a reality for every child!

Daily Lesson Schedule

I have uploaded this file for parents to have an indication of when specific instruction is taking place at any given day or time. There will be some fluctuation, but for the most part I do adhere fairly closely to the schedule I have created.  I am a strong believer that children thrive and are more successful when there is consistency.  If you have any questions about the schedule you may contact me via email.   

General Daily & Monthly Homework

Basic Homework Routine
This year with the implementation of our new ELA program, Benchmark, we are working hard to establish a love of reading, and your support is greatly needed.  Through teahing our children the love of reading, and experiencing adventure through a written story, the plethora of writing, comprehension, vocabulary, spelling, and life lesson skills that will be realized is remarkable.  Please encourage your children to read, to buy books, to spend time each and every day, lost in imagination in a book!

Monday: The Benchmark homework menu will come home each Monday (unless otherwise indicated) with an explanation for what is to be done each night.
Monthly Homework Items: A Benchmark Unit Calendar will be sent home at the end of every unit, where you and your child will review many of the skills learned in the classroom with the use of their reader.
Unit Theme Projects:TBD
Trimester Items: Accelerated sure your child is reading their AR books, at their assigned goal level, and are taking test on the computers at school!!!  Students are rewarded at the end of each trimester for reaching their AR goals!  (goal sheets located in binder)  : )
STAR Binder Items: In encouraging our students to be responsible and organized, we use the Star Binder to help them write down their homework and reminders in their planner, along with some staple support resources, their login/password sheet, and a folder to place their homework items.